Not Your Competition

After our return from the CFESA national convention, which was delightful and incredibly productive, Rich and I thought it would be a great idea to further clarify our vision for the Food Equipment Digital Disruptors.

Coming from the world of Digital Marketing, it has become clear that there could be some confusion about where the FEDD would fall into place as an entity. Rich and I don’t envision another additional Association. We envision a business that hosts events which help any of the 5 families learn and implement the digital tools to build an online presence. This may take many different forms depending on what your business does. For example:

It may not be the best idea to create a vlog if you are a massive manufacturer, however if you are a service company with 1-50 employees, then a vlog may be right up your alley. The raw and honest nature of the vlogging tool may be the best way to portray the message you want to your potential customers, accounts and even future employees.

If you are a larger business with a precision marketing budget then a video podcast might be more your speed. Start by interviewing influential people within your network and offering your audience some entertainment value. Interview series are great because you can edit for content and time, while keeping a professional image that may not happen with vlogs. You are also empowering the narrative of your own company by making sure the right message is associated with you.

If you are a rep/dealer, then there might be some interesting ways of doing direct to camera videos and even incorporating your equipment with creativity. Bring a chef on to use the equipment; something like that.

In essence, our goal as the FEDD is not to compete with or take away from any of the channel partners, it is in fact to empower all of them to deliver their messages in the most effective way possible for a modern era.

Our main goal is to find, curate and translate any digital marketing trends into principles that will directly benefit the food equipment industry.

With this, we hope that you will enjoy the hard work and detailed planning we are putting into this conference to make it something spectacular and beneficial. If you have any questions, please feel free to message Rich or me.