The New Show!

As we enter our second week of The Rich and Angel show, we are hoping that this series/segment on YouTube will become an entertaining place for you to listen to or hear about industry news. The more of our industry gets online, the more relevant this show will be to what is actually happening inside the Food Equipment world.

You might be thinking: “How are these two gonna know about everything in the industry?” Fair question. We are looking to you as industry leaders and long time experienced people to help tell us what’s important to you.

Next week we will be going LIVE on YouTube with this show in hopes that we can have you call in and talk about all things commercial kitchen!

We hope that you are as excited about this as we are, since this is really a new level of content that we are aiming to reach!

If you have any recommendation on what we should cover, or would like to be a call-in guest on the show, just shoot us a message! We love hearing from you!