No More LIKES!?

Instagram has recently reported that it will be beginning to test the removal of the “Like” numbers as soon as this week. With Australia being one of the countries to have already undergone this test, it seems like the IG update is testing well.

Why is not seeing the number of likes on posts of other people such an important differentiator? Well, lets explore:


  1. Many influencers use their number of likes to showcase their market value to sponsors and potential business partners.

  2. “Like” counts are a form of social proofing. If a post has more likes, it is more likely to compound into even more attention, simply because it is human nature to look for the approval of others when deciding whether or not we like something. It’s essentially mini testimonials.

  3. Those who worked hard to build their IG community based on likes will have to find new forms of analytics to showcase in order to prove their value.


  1. Although you will not be able to see the amount of likes on other peoples posts, you will still be able to see your own in the analytics menu. This, of course, is a relief to many online creators, since they will still be able to screenshot this and send it to potential sponsors or brand partners.

  2. You will also still see the names of the people you follow under each post if they too have liked that image/video. This still allows for some social proof, even if there isn’t a number attached.

  3. Forcing users to decided on what to like simply based on the quality of the post sets all users back at a level playing field for growth. If your post is good, it will get traction.

How does this relate to food equipment?

Since this industry has been on Instagram for under two years, it is difficult to gain rapid growth. With this change, the chances are raised simply because the content is now being judged by individual users strictly based on value or quality. As long as we prioritize making good content, we should see an uptick in our IG numbers.

However, this doesn’t mean we should post less..On the contrary, for us to separate ourselves from the noise of social media, we will have to create twice as much. We will have to carve out our own corner of the internet.

That in a nutshell is what we are aiming to do with the FEDD group. We are aiming to heighten awareness and usefulness of the internet in hopes to make the relationships between channel partners stronger and more efficient. Thus, making us all more money!