Consistent Video

One of the biggest issues in getting started with social media is “how often should i post?”

This is a great example of a hurdle that is far less important than we may think. It’s easy to say that you should be posting every day, six times a day…however, I realize that is not feasible for most.

My recommendation is to begin with Linked In.

  1. Pick one day of the week to shoot and create a 5-10 minute video. This doesn’t have to be a huge production. Simply shoot 5-10 videos over the course of 3 hours in order to have a “batch” of content.

  2. Pick another day during that week to post one of the videos you shot earlier in the week. After editing it, post it directly to Linked In only.

  3. If it is a 5-10 minute video as I recommended; clip a small one minute segment from that video and post it to your Facebook or Instagram page. Since your video is at least 5 minutes long, you can repeat this for about a week without having to shoot more videos.

  4. Use the InShot app to create some headers in order to put your 1 minute clips into context as rich does on his personal IG constantly.

  5. You can repeat this with the other 4 videos you shot for nearly the rest of the month.

Some highlights:

This process allows you to only take one day to shoot, yet still have enough content to post consistently, every day on 3 platforms. A large key to making this work is making your captions incredibly relevant, insightful and useful. Ask questions in your caption, ask for comments, write stories. Make sure to use good hashtags (not too specific but not too broad).

You might be thinking that only posting once to LinkedIn a week may seem underwhelming. Well, here are some ideas of what you can post to linked in and won’t require much.

  • A cell phone photo of what your day is like.

  • Ask a well thought out question in only text.

  • Share creative and interesting posts that you see on other pages.

  • Write a LinkedIn article.

If you follow these steps, they will take up less than 5% of your work day and you will see a significant increase in your engagement in 2 months.

Let us know if this helps you out and if you try it, be sure to tag us or share your results with us!