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Basic Content Creation Package

Hire us out for one concept/video.

Project Includes:
Creative Development/Preproduction
- Meetings/calls to align on key objectives
- Research and review supplied info/facts
- Creative development
- Outline/script development (Story flow)
- One round of revisions
- Shot list based on approved outline/script
- Interview questions based on outline/script
- Coordination and scheduling interviews/location(s)

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Retainer/Monthly Creation Package

Development of a video strategy and execution on a monthly basis.
Videos can range from one a month to every week (depending upon the terms of projects).

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Consulting Package

Bring Malachy Digital in to set a tangible digital and social media strategy for your brand. From well thought out content concepts to how to distribute, promote and get your brand noticed in the most effective way possible.

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Content is king

Let’s sit back and enjoy a few words of wisdom from Uncle Bill (Gates): “Content is where I expect much of … Continue reading Content is king

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content is king

Our Blog

No More LIKES!?

Instagram has recently reported that it will be beginning to test the removal of the “Like” numbers as soon as this … Continue reading No More LIKES!?

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The New Show!

As we enter our second week of The Rich and Angel show, we are hoping that this series/segment on YouTube will … Continue reading The New Show!

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New Instagram Features

2019 has been a big year for instagram updates. From new algorithm changes to new rules being implemented, theres a lot … Continue reading New Instagram Features

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Not Your Competition

After our return from the CFESA national convention, which was delightful and incredibly productive, Rich and I thought it would be … Continue reading Not Your Competition

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As smart as a ‘bot?

The biggest bank in the U.S. – JPMorgan Chase – took a chance on an artificial intelligence machine called Persado (call … Continue reading As smart as a ‘bot?

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Consistent Video

One of the biggest issues in getting started with social media is “how often should i post?” This is a great … Continue reading Consistent Video

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It’s not selling out, it’s buying in

Like the founders of Silicon Valley’s Intuit, my dad started Malachy Parts and Service in a kitchen. In our case it … Continue reading It’s not selling out, it’s buying in

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its not selling out

Get to Know Malachy Digital

Rich Malachy

It’s Not Worth It!

If it’s easy, it’s not worth doing Right now I’m so far out of my comfort zone that if the title … Continue reading It’s Not Worth It!

Likes Are Leaving!

There has been an internal argument among the instagram community about whether the company’s experiment to end the “like” counter is … Continue reading Likes Are Leaving!

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